emprise noun, singular

em·prise [ĕm-prīz′] : A chivalrous or daring enterprise or undertaking; an adventure

The word is a lingual descendant of the Anglo-French word emprendre, which means "to undertake."
It became established in the English language around the 13th century, a time period where knights would regularly engage in many brave and chivalrous undertakings... at least that is how the bards would have described it at the time (it is safe to assume that in reality those enterprises were most likely more grim and gruesome than noble and chivalrous, but that matters not in this case).

Are you wondering where you are, traveler?

Well, allow me to explain:

emprises.net is a hub for various free web applications for the best hobby in the world - Pen & Paper RPGs

It is a platform created by a nerd for other nerds. That nerd would be me, Stefan Winkler. I am a professional web developer and did set up this platform to be able to host projects created in my free time that are meant to provide useful assistance for the various RPGs that I play.

All of my private projects that are capable of running on their own (i.e. without specific relations to personal and/or character data of party members), will get published here so everybody may use them for their own RPG rounds.

All apps linked on this page are completely free to use and will not collect any personal information about their users or perform other shenanigans.

Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway) is, that free to use does not mean free to copy and mess around with, copyright to all creations applies.
If I decide to make a project open source, that fact will be clearly visible on the related website and if not then it most likely isn't.
But of course that doesn't mean that I'm not open to suggestions for improvements, or to collaborations in general.
Just contact me (contact info can be found on my website that I linked to above) and I will respond at my earliest convenience.